An optimal cultivation condition of the filamentous fungal culture for germination of fungal spores, mycelial growth (hyphae extension) and sporulation is assured by MINIFOR fermentor. (e.g.: Penicillium chrysogenum, Cephalosporium acremonium, Aspergillus niger, Penicillium sp., Fusarium sp., Phycomyces blakesleanus, Caldariomyces fumago, Botrytis, etc.).

Parameter control:

temperature, pH, culture adapted agitation, aeration (sparging / surface aeration), pO2

Optional control:

O2 enrichment, light control, stirring discs (gentle silicone, metal, perforated plats), pCO2, feed pump, harvest pump, weighing module (chemostat), etc.

Controlled morphology

Efficient mixing, heat and mass transfer without affecting the growth morphology of filamentous fungal cultures

Smallest footprint

Can be placed inside climatic or incubation chambers (for agro based fungal culture)


Light (wavelength, intensity, and photoperiod) can be controlled based on the fungal culture requirements

O2 enrichment

Precise MASSFLOW for O2 enrichment (sparging or surface aeration)

Controlled feed

Reliable peristaltic pumps supply for feeding of essential nutrients

Ergonomic handling

Sterile handling is made easy with unique sterility construction

MINIFOR fermentor for fungal culture
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