With MINIFOR Bioreactor, a controlled, efficient and optimal cell culture (mammalian cells: CHO, HeLa, HEK-293, hybridoma, etc; insect cells: sf9, High Fives, recombinant protein expression, etc. and other eukaryotic cell lines) is possible.

Parameter control:

temperature, agitation, pO2 (OD), pH, air flow rate by internal thermal MASSFLOW gas flow control (controlled supply of air for aerobic or N2 for anaerobic process)

Optional control:

Parallel runs, feed & harvest pumps, gas station, pCO2, OD, OXYMETER, CARBOMETER, anti-foam system

Shear stress free agitation

Gentle and cutting edge free ‘fish-tail’ agitation to avoid hydrodynamic shear stress to cells

Sterile handling

Should not be afraid of biological contamination anymore. Easy to maintain sterility for several weeks.

Automated gas station

MINI-4-GAS, automatic gas mixing module (air, O2, CO2, N2, … or user-specified gases) with individual gas flow paths

Low working volume (35 ml)

Use expensive medium efficiently and reduce the preparation time with smallest reactor volume (35 ml)

Precise temperature control

Homogeneous temperature maintenance is achieved by softest heating with no hot spots at any medium volume

Medium supplements

Controlled feeding of nutrients and growth factors for efficient cell metabolism and differentiation

Parallel bioreactors

Minimal bench-space requirement (size of an A4 sheet) and independent parameter control


Calculate RQ (respiratory quotient) with SIAM fermentation software

Customize your fermentor

Choose the accessories and customize the fermentor kit according to the desired application

MINIFOR bioreactor for cell culture
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