Phototrophic cultivation, laboratory photobioreactor (PBR)

MINIFOR bioreactor with LUMO designed for the controlled biomass production of phototrophic liquid cell suspension (e.g.: spirulina, chlorella, chlamydomonas or haematococcus, mosses, extremophiles, photosynthetic bacteria like cyanobacteria, rhodobacter, rhodospirillum, plant cell cultures, adventitious root culture, etc.)

Parameter control:

temperature, pH, agitation, light intensity, dissolved oxygen (DO), air flow rate

Optional control:

pH by CO2 gas, turbidity probe, pCO2, conductivity, Oxymeter, turbidostat, etc.

LUMO light control

Controlled light intensity with optimal light spectra for varied phototrophic cultures.

Light source

Replaceable LED light source with high light intensity and lower radiant heat.

Efficient mixing

Gentle up and down agitation prevents light inhibition and mutual shading.

Optimal CO2 feeding

Precise MASSFLOW for regulation of CO2 provision.

Inorganic nutrients supply

Reliable pumps supply accurate amount of nutrients for long runs


Measure the concentration of O2 in outgas/exit gas

MINIFOR photobioreactor
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