MINIFOR is advantageous to work with aerobic and micro-aerophilic or anaerobic bacterial (e.g.: E. coli, B. subtilis, B. anthracis, B. amyloliquefaciens, B. pumilus, B. licheniformis, S. aureus, etc.) and yeast (e.g.: S. cerevisiae, P. pastoris, S. pastorianus, S. uvarum, etc.) cultures (co-culture) under batch, fed-batch or continuous (chemostat) mode of operation

Parameter control:

temperature, agitation, pO2 (OD), pH, air flow rate by internal thermal MASSFLOW gas flow control (controlled supply of air for aerobic or N2 for anaerobic process)

Optional control:

Turbidity, OD, Weighing module (chemostat), variable speed feed & harvest pumps, redox (ORP) measurement, O2 enrichment, pCO2, MeOH/EtOH probe, CARBOMETER, anti-foam system, Fnet / SIAM fermentation software

C-source feed

Quality peristaltic pumps for C-feed, feeding nutrients, growth factors, etc.

Continuous culture

Weighing module (chemostat) for automatic addition or removal of substrate based on pre-set weight

O2 enrichment

Thermal massflow controllers for microbial culture & biofuel development

Protein rich media

Smallest automatic antifoam control without expensive foam (level) sensors

Pump-flow integrator

Integrator replaces the expensive optical density (OD) measurement

RedOx potential (ORP)

Monitor and control the redox potential with redox measurement unit

Anaerobic conditions

Sparge N2 continuously with internal thermal massflow controller instead of air or O2

Fermentation software

Data saving and process monitoring by industrial fermentation software (SIAM, Fnet)

Customize your fermentor

Choose the accessories and customize the fermentor kit according to the desired application

MINIFOR fermentor for microbial fermentation
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